Welcome To: “The Potential Millionaire” Law Enforcement Edition Site

This is the very first post for “The Potential Millionaire” Law Enforcement Edition and I just want to say Welcome.cropped-lra-logo-blue.jpg

If you are in law enforcement you will find resources on this site to help you progress financially.

If you are thinking about joining the brotherhood of the thing blue line is the site for you to get started.

So, turn your dreams into reality. Stop living pay check to pay check.  Stop exchanging your time for pennies on the dollar.  Learn to manage your money. Learn how to create wealth out of you passions.  Learn how to get out of debt.  Most importantly learn how to create a plan for your future.

When I was a young officer I would gather with other officers and ask question like: Is it better to pat extra on my mortgage or should I pay my car off first.  This Law Enforcement site will provide you with the answer to these and other questions you may have about your money. Prepare yourself to change your thinking about money , and you will change your life.

Welcome to a new tomorrow,
Felix A. Montelara
LEO, Speaker, Author, &  Radio Host

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If you want to reach me: Fmontelara@hotmail.com  or leave me message at 334-357-6410. 

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